The BroApp lets guys send pre-programmed text messages to their wives and girlfriends, so guys can hang out with their friends.Tom and James of Australia created the app, after they both realized they weren't spending enough time with their girlfriends.

The app was made basically to send out a single daily message to tell your girlfriend or wife that you're thinking about them without having to remember to send them a text message yourself.

The app can select pre-programmed texts to send out to your lady or you can make up the messages so they look more unique to your lady.

Then, set a time and date to send out the text message. It's supposedly fool-proof and your lady won't know the difference.

It worked on Tom and James' girlfriends, and improved their love life. So, they decided to make an app out of it. In fact they asked for a female version which they are working on currently called "SisterApp."

It's currently available for all Android users, the iPhone version is coming soon.