While the NFL Lockout continues, all of the players in the league have elected to stay busy in different ways. Some of the players are in training with teammates, others are taking part in other competitive sports, and then there is David Bruton from the Denver Broncos. Bruton has elected to take on a part-time job that pays $90 per day while he sits out the lockout.The NFL star has decided to return to his former high school in Ohio and be a substitute teacher. Yes, this NFL player is now standing before a class full of kids and educating them on social studies and credit recovery.

Bruton, who majored in political science and sociology at Notre Dame and received a Bachelor's Degree in 2009, applied for and received a one-year substitute teacher's license from the Ohio Department of Education, according to Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post. Burton said in the story that he is just trying to stay busy with all of the time off and he said it feels good to just give back to the community.

For someone that has never taught before, many of the veteran teachers at the school say he is that he is doing just fine, and that he seems to be in control of his class. I ask, do you think perhaps the size of this professional athlete has anything to do with the student's good behavior? I venture to say that the "class clown" or the kid that likes to start trouble in the class is thinking twice these days in Bruton's classroom. While it may be a little intimidating for the student's, I'm sure they appreciate having someone of his status before them.