Unless you've been hiding under a rock, shielded from all news pertaining to pop culture and/or technology - you know that there is a new iPhone out there. The iPhone 5 was officially announced two days ago by Apple, and pre-orders started today. I'm guilty of putting a pre-order in for my iPhone 5 (at 2AM .. shame), but only because my 16GB smashed and cracked 4S just isn't cutting it anymore. What is almost guaranteed though, is that there are some folks out there pre-ordering this phone today that have no business spending money on an iPhone 5. Let's face it, as human beings, sometimes our priorities are a bit out of wack - and for that, thankfully, we have Twitter to call us out for our irresponsible ways. I'm over here almost in tears reading these #ButUGotThatiPhone45Tho tweets, so I had to share. Enjoy. (And remember your priorities!)