I have always believed that the most drama in sports lives within youth associations. From Tee Ball to Biddy Basketball, the parents of the players are just as competitive as their kids on the field or the court. Most parents allow the kids to play their game, but sometimes certain situations do cause them to get involved.

Unlike many of their idols, these kids aren't multi-million dollar athletes and still live at home under the care of their parents, so it's totally understandable when mom and dad step in when they feel that "something isn't right."

Recently, a certain situation has BYYA (Broussard Youngsville Youth Association) parents in an uproar. In a jamboree football game at Neyland Park against CAYSI (Carencro Area Youth Sports Inc.), some BYYA parents feel that the CAYSI football coach instructed his players to intentionally hurt a BYYA player(s). According to the YouTube video description from what seems to be a BYYA parent/supporter:

Witnessess say the CAYSI coach instructed a few of his players to deliberately hurt and do this (take him out) which sent one of our players to hospital with internal bruising. An adult was clearly bullying a 10 year old via his own players.

Of course as always, we know there is always more to the story and the clip below only shows one incident in slow motion, but based on that clip...

Do you think that these CAYSI players were instructed to harm the BYYA players, or is this just a case of 10-year-olds making mistakes while playing football?