How far would you go to get the copy of the game that you want, I guess you can always tear gas a truck right?

According to pcworld 6,000 copies of the new game that hit the shelves the other day, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was 'stolen' from a van in France.  Now when you think of stealing, wouldn't you think of breaking in grabbing a couple of copies and getting you tail out of there?  I guess that style is out now days.......these guys apparently crashed a car into the van and then TEAR GASSED the vehicle to take out the drivers.  Now I'm not a fan of stealing anything, but I'll give these guys an A+ for creativity and awesomeness!!!!!  The stolen copies average out to be 400,000 euros which equals out to roughly 600,000 American dollars, I guess that's not a bad way to build up you bank account pretty quick.