With Christmas just weeks away, watch what on airline company, WestJet, did for those waiting to board their flight. It will make you believe in miracles this holiday season.

We all know that the last place we want to be for the holidays is in an airport terminal, but for a few WestJet passengers, being in the right place at the right time has paid off. With the help of a virtual Santa Claus and some very committed employees, the airliner tricked it's passengers into finding out what they would like for Christmas and THEY DELIVERED!!!

Yes, while the passengers were in mid-flight, employees from The WestJet Airline Company hit the stores and bought everything passengers hoped for. Once passengers got off the plane in Calgary, presents started to appear at baggage claim with their name on it. Santa Claus delivered everything they asked for prior to boarding their flight!!!

Stories like this give me hope, and furthermore, it makes me believe that good ole St. Nick is still out there!!