Usually when you knock on your neighbor's door, it’s to borrow sugar or ask them for help to cut the grass, or something like that. Can you imagine knocking on your neighbor's door to tell them "Hey my car is on your roof, I'm gonna need that back". lol

This happened to a Southern California man who lost control of his car and ended up on the roof of his next door neighbor's house. Galina Wynn and her husband were in the Cadillac when it went airborne and landed on top of their neighbor's home. The driver said the brakes went out, then went down their driveway, through a yard where children play, then ended up on their neighbor's roof. The owner of the house was home and said the car landed on top of his bedroom, and that it sounded like an earthquake. I bet he wet his Huggies.

It took a crane and a handful of city workers to get it off the house. I guess they won’t be asking for sugar anytime soon. Amazingly no one got hurt.