It feels like just yesterday Carencro residents and just about anyone within a 5-mile radius of the I-10 - I-49 intersection rejoiced at the construction of a Chili's in what is now commonly referred to as 'Upper Lafayette.' Hold onto your hats, because now it seems like Buffalo Wild Wings is moving into the neighborhood.

Unless this picture is photoshopped (which would be cruel) it seems as if a new Buffalo Wild Wings is coming to Upper Lafayette at what seems to be the Pont Des Mouton exit next to the State Trooper's station.

Facebook, Dylan Joseph Gremillion

As a resident of Downtown Lafayette, I'm personally excited for this new location of BWW; and I'm sure Carencro, Scott, Breaux Bridge, the rest of Upper Lafayette and surrounding areas are too. After all, anything beats fighting traffic on Johnston Street, Ambassador Caffery or Kaliste Saloom for tasty wings and ice cold beer.

So, to all the small towns: This proves that if you do stay in school, take your vitamins, and drink your milk - you too can get your very own Buffalo Wild Wings. And who says that it stops at Upper Lafayette? New Iberia, I'm looking at you. But lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Crossing my fingers for it to be done by NFL Kickoff 2013.