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This Is Cheerleading On A Whole Other Level [VIDEO]
After watching this video of some really talented cheerleaders, I think cheerleading should be an Olympic event. Seriously, hear me out. I always thought cheer leading was girls in skirts making human pyramids and screaming at the crowd "Let's get a little bit rowdy R.O.W..DY" and what eve…
First Ever Baby DJ School Now Exists
From Bottles to Beats. They used to use rattles and now they use beat machines. Its the first ever Baby DJ school put on by Brooklyn's Cool Pony. It's the next generation's Pee Pee Diddy, Kanye Mess, Lil Brain and NuNu Minaj. They are teaching toddlers how to make beats. Cool concept,…
Is Miley Cyrus Dating Mike WiLL Made It? [VIDEO]
Just like Miley Cryus' music, her life has changed - and changed quickly. She recently broke up with her fiancee Liam Hemsworth and is now reportedly dating super producer Mike Will Made it according to Star magazine. WOW, is all we can say, she is moving fast.

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