Every Friday we go to Twitter and find the best celebrity tweets, and bring them to you. Celebrities often turn to their twitter account to let us all know how they feel, or what is on their mind at the time. While some are pretty straight forward, yet entertaining, others at times can be a little creepy.

This week the artist known as Pink revealed on twitter that when a pregnant woman breaks her shoe, it can be a task at-hand to fix it. She said:

@pink: My shoes broke in the grocery store!!! Ever seen a big pregnant woman try to bend over and pick up her shoes?!?

Apparently Chris Brown has a new "BFF" and his name is Justin Bieber. Checkout what Brown had on his agenda.

@chrisbrown: ABOUT TO GO BOWLING WIT THE BIEBS!!!#SWAG @justinbieber

The funny guy from TBS, Conan O'Brien, tweeted about Lady Gaga and her new track titled "Judas."

He said: Lady Gaga’s song “Judas” has sparked outrage from Catholics. Also not helping: she still wears meat on Fridays.

New Orleans Saints player Reggie Bush took to Twitter and had this to say. Needless to say, the speculation has already started in regards to his future in the "Big Easy."

reggie_bush said: It's been fun New Orleans

Katy Perry and Rihanna had a flirtatious chat via twitter this week. See what they had to say about one another.

@katyperry: Kiss me k k kiss me! RT @rihanna: How f***in smokin is @katyperry as an alien??