Every Friday we look back at Twitter, and see which of all the celebrities had the most to say on their Twitter account. This week Katy Perry was smooching, Reggie Bush angered fans, Bruno Mars tanned, and more.

This week New Orleans Saint Reggie Bush took A LOT of heat from fans, analysts, and others when he tweeted about not having to workout while the NFL Lockout is debated.

reggie_bush: Right about now we would be slaving in 100 degree heat, practicing twice a day, while putting our bodies at risk for nothing.
(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)
This week Bruno Mars went to Twitter to brag on his bronzed look. And yes, I think he may have been bragging!!
@brunomars: Yo I was out in the sun for 10 minutes today. I don't like to brag But Uuhhh.. Ya Boy is Bronzed! Lol look out Miami!
Ladies, the man many of you love, Adam Levine had this to say about his latest addiction.
@adamlevine: watching funny videos on youtube has taken over my life. at this point im never leaving my hotel room. EVER.
Katy Perry felt the need to let us all know that she was in a smooching mood this week. And yes, we have the photo to prove it!!!
@katyperry: sucking face with a kanga. yep.