Every Friday we look back on to twitter and find the best celebrity tweets of the week. We all live busy lives, but this allows for you to stay in the know without having to have your laptop by your side 24/7.

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    Justin Bieber Wants a Movie Night

    While Bieber may have been in a "movie mood," he was curious to know if its weird to watch a movie you are in. Is it not cool to watch your own movie?

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    Ke$ha Tackles Spraypaint

    Ke$ha felt the need to take to twitter and inform us that once spraypaint gets on your skin, its hard to get it off. I have never tried this, but I may have to this weekend. What was she doing with spraypaint? Wait, that is what she wears, I get it!!!

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    Pink And Her Unborn Baby

    We all know that Pink is preggo, but what we did not know until now is that Pink may give birth to the next WWE Superstar. The infant apparently has already perfected the drop-kick!!!

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    RiRi Had Some Fun In Vegas

    My favorite "red-headed" person apparently went out in Vegas, and didn't invite me. More than that, she apparently had a really good time. SMH!!!

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    Someone' Put A Ring On It'

    Kim Kardashian is engaged, and has a $2 Million ring on her finger to prove it. But if that wasn't enough, she took to twitter universe to prove it!!! Congrats!!