The first question that comes to mind - is there an app for that? LOL!  The fist time I saw pee used was on an episode of Man vs. Wild. You remember when he had to drink his own pee (disgusting). Well, this has nothing to do with that other then the pee part. Some mad scientist has figured out a way to charge your phone using pee.

Yes you read that right...pee. How did the scientist from Bristol Robotics Laboratory think of this? Was he taking a wiz, and said to himself ...Hmmmmmm urine could charge my phone. Or was he holding his phone while using the restroom and accidentally peed on it.

I guess there could be many situations where peeing on your phone could come in handy like:

1. You're stuck in the woods and your phone dies. How are you going to call a towing service.

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

2. You're at a big Festival, and you just used up all of your battery life recording your favorite band. Now you need a ride home, but you cant call out because your battery died.

\Photo by Tony Woolliscroft/Getty Images)

3. You've been partying all night. You've partied so hard you didn't realize your friends have left you in the club by yourself. You're so drunk, you get kicked out. Now you're on the curb outside of the club with no ride. You look to your cell phone to call a cab... and your cell phone is dead. Good thing you have to pee really bad. LOL!

By: Johannes Simon/Getty images

You see there are many possibilities and many perks to charging your phone with your own pee.

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