When Charles Ramsey helped a screaming woman escape from his neighbor's house, he became a hero. When his now famous post rescue interviews hit the internet, he became a viral video star, but despite the national attention, it looks like the future is about to get a whole lot brighter for Charles Ramsey.

After repeatedly mentioning fast food giant McDonalds in his 911 emergency call and just about every one of his now viral post-rescue interviews, McDonalds has reached out to Ramsey from their Twitter account to congratulate him on his heroic actions.


We'll be in touch? What does that mean McDonalds? No word yet on what exactly McDonalds plans to do to reward the man that while eating a Big Mac, managed to rescue three women who had been kidnapped for 10 years, but we're hoping McDonalds doesn't hold back.

Free Big Macs for life? Could it be done? Has it ever been done? Come on McDonalds, hook this man up!

In case you somehow missed it check Charles Ramsey's interview out: