After watching this video of some really talented cheerleaders, I think cheerleading should be an Olympic event. Seriously, hear me out. I always thought cheer leading was girls in skirts making human pyramids and screaming at the crowd "Let's get a little bit rowdy R.O.W..DY" and what ever cheer they made up on the fly. That's just me thinking inside the box. After watching this video of cheerleaders getting crunk and some of the stunts they pull off, I'm seriously thinking this needs to be an Olympic event. You have to watch this video to see what I'm talking about.

If you think about it, all us non-cheerleaders only see movie versions of cheerleaders. The phrase 'spirit fingers' is what comes to mind, and "Bring it" and of course the come back line every one knows "It's been brought'n". After watching this, I realize you have to be an athlete, you have to have strength, balance and skills. I think we should send this video to the Olympic committee.

Think about it, girls in U S A cheerleading outfits. That has already got every guy's attention that's reading this. I see big ratings, and it has to be more entertaining then that horse bar thing, just saying. I found a whole new respect for cheerleaders. This is so dope!