Just when I thought the Peanut-butter and bacon Hamburger was a weird combo at Yo Moma's in New Orleans. This blew my mind! Not sure about you, but I wanna try it. Its not made in America, but I'm sure I can order it off the net. The Limited cheese and onion chocolate bars are sold by Irish potato chip brand called Tayto.

The funny thing is, the Tayto company only made a limited amount. They didn't think anyone would really like it. Kind of like, when you bring your sister along on a double date, and your date gets along with her more then you. Ahhhh!

The Bars are sold-out in Ireland, and are now on auction going for triple or higher in some cases. You know, that sounds kind of familiar... Didn't Twinkies get the same kind of reaction. But this is not a Twinkie, but they did describe the taste as being  "crunchy chocolate and then a lingering taste of cheese of onion." Hmmm . Would you try it?

Seriously, I love weird food combo's like:


The Peanut-butter bacon Hamburger.




Banana and peanut butter sandwich.



What weird food combo's do you like? Comment below!


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