We all recall the story of the Chilean Miners as they were trapped below the earth's surface for nine weeks. But, with a book about to come out on their survival tactics, we have learned of some requests the miners may have made while awaiting rescuers.In the book, it is reported that some miners had family members snuggle "pot" down below in family letters. The miners report seeing some of their colleagues stray from the rest of the group, and it is believed that is when they engaged in smoking pot while trapped down below. Another request we have learned about is that miners requested pornography and even blow-up dolls while trapped. Doctors quickly denied the request for blow-up dolls as they felt miners would become too attached to the dolls, thus only creating further tension between the group of men. And while they may have been denied the doll(s), the trapped miners were given "pin-ups" of women for their entertainment.