We can now add Chris Brown to the list of celebrities in Los Angeles that have fallen victim to a prank call which results in L.A.P.D. raising to their home. According to TMZ, Police raced to the singer's home on Monday afternoon after a report was called into 911 reportings a domestic incident involving a gun, but it was all a prank.

The caller claimed a mother and father were in a fight and the father went to another room in the house to get a gun.  At that point the caller hung up, never mentioning it was Chris Brown's house. When police arrived at Brown's home they did not find such an incident, and the singer was not home at the time.

This has been an ongoing trend in Los Angeles. Someone calls 911 and reports a false incident at an address that belongs to a celebrity. "Swatting," as its referred, has taken place at the home of Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise, and the home of the Kardashians. Now, we can add singer Chris Brown to this growing list.