Let's all stop fooling ourselves. Chris Brown and Rihanna have reunited, and the icing on the cake (no pun intended) will be when we hear their voices together on a track. According to MissInfo.tv Chris Brown has been chosen as the featured artist on the remix to "Birthday Cake" - the next single from Rihanna's 'Talk That Talk' album.

Are you sorta shocked? I was shocked too... at first, but then I realized how much it made sense. The blogosphere has been buzzing about Breezy and RiRi secretly being in touch for nearly a year now. The restraining order that prevented the two from being near one another was lifted quite some time ago, and (as recently as Monday) the two have been spotted together numerous times.

So, what better way to come clean than on a track doing what they both do best??

In case you are the only person on earth who hasn't heard by now, not only did Chris Brown attend Rihanna's private birthday party on Monday (Feb 13.), but the two came together and were close the entire night. The pair were also spotted leaving a West Hollywood studio over the weekend, at separate times of course. Co-producers of the "Birthday Cake" track, Da Internz, dropped a big hint to MTV News surrounding the cameo on the track.

"It's gonna be crazy, and the feature on there is gonna shock the world,"

[via MTV News]

What do you think of Chris Brown & Rihanna's reunion? Are you like me, and won't believe it until you hear it? Will it change your perception of Rihanna? Do you think people will be willing to forgive Chris Brown if Rihanna was able to do it? Comment below with your thoughts!