Yesterday Chris Reed & Digital thought it would be clever to make a video showing the world my senior pictures from 1993. I accidentally left them at the office after I had brought them to have something made for my mom on Mother's Day and never had the chance to bring them back. Regardless, I figured that if those two class clowns were so excited to show you MY senior pictures ... imagine how excited they will be when I show you theirs.

You didn't think I'd really let them get away without revenge, did you?

First up, I'd like to present to you, Hot 107.9 class clown #1:

Chris Reed - Mamou High School Class of 1994

As you can tell by his unmistakable smile, Chris was super-excited for graduation.

Next up, we present the ringleader himself, Hot 107.9 class clown #2:

Dj Digital - Comeaux High School Class of 1999

Not a hair on that face. How adorable! Here is another pic I managed to find from Digital's senior prom. I feel sorry for that poor girl, whoever she is.

Oh, I almost forgot. Apparently, his senior year wasn't Digital's first time crossing the big stage .. I couldn't resist posting this bonus pic.

'Lil Digital's Pre-School Graduation

One more time, let's have a look at these two cool dudes in all their senior glory.