On the Halloween edition of my morning show, I said that if 107 of you "liked" my the photo of me in my gecko costume up on facebook, I'd go to Carencro later that day to "pump a ride" in full costume. Well, in less that 5 minutes, over 200 of you "liked" the photo, thus you forced me to leave my home wearing the gecko outfit. I kept my word and delivered the promise that I would "pump a ride" wearing my Halloween costume.

As I left for the gas station, I was somewhat embarrassed to drive the Hot truck to a gas station wearing the costume. However, as I journeyed towards the gas station, my fear quickly turned to actually having to get out of the truck while wearing it. Still, you all were my motivation, I couldn't let you all down. With so many "liking" the photo, I felt an obligation to come thru, and WE DID!!!

See here what happens when I drive up at a gas station in Carencro sporting the Geico Gecko costume. All I will say is this, the looks on some people's face was PRICELESS!!