This morning Chris Reed and Candice gave away the first of three Thanksgiving Baskets to a family in Kaplan. Sasha P. nominated the family of Debbie Simon to be the recipients, and after reading Sasha's e-mail it was quiet obvious that this family was deserving of the basket.

Here is the e-mail Sasha sent to me when she nominated Debbie and her kids for the basket. .

"I would like to nominate the most deserving person that I know for the giveaway. Her name is Debby Simon. Debby has been an inspiration to many people. She is very happy and faithful, despite a great number of challenges in her life. She is a divorced mother of two beautiful children, Hayden and Neveah. She struggles to make ends meet and does everything she has to do to make sure her children have the best possible life. She is strong in her faith, and has taught her children to be the same. They are the most caring, generous, and well behaved children I have ever seen. They are all god-loving and they help the needy by traveling to disaster sites to help feed, clothe, and rebuild the society of those in need. Although very young, her children will give toys out of their own rooms just to make a less fortunate child smile. I know I'm probably rambling, and I'm sorry. To tell this story in order is hard for me, as I get very anxious to tell her story to others. Debby pays it forward as an act of love, not an act of attention. You will usually only know of her generosity if you know her, personally. Please take her into your consideration. I hope that you get to meet her and her children one day. They truly are a blessing to this society."

We, along with our friends from Heleaux's Grocery, will give another Thanksgiving Basket away tomorrow on the show. This is just our small way of helping out those in need as we enter into the 2012 holiday season.