Here we go again, just when I think I have gotten rid of the mole in my backyard, its BACK!!! Once or twice a year I battle these little rodents in my backyard as they dig tunnels across my lawn, and I have had enough!!!!

Last year I saw one of the local television stations do a story on the moles destroying lawns around Acadiana and since then it has been an ongoing battle in my backyard. For the first few years in my home I had no problems with these little rodents, but as of late it has been a nuisance. Note, I did have two cats in the backyard for the first few years of moving into my house so maybe that was the reason I did have the mole problem.

Since the battle has started I have tried several things to rid my lawn of the mole, yet nothing seems to work. I have tried the ultrasonic noise maker to chase them off---nothing!! I have tried poisoning them with fake worms---nothing!! I have tried mole replete, I think they actually like it!! What can I do to rid my yard of moles??? I know that they like moist soil and often stay where there are worms and grubs, but seriously!!!

Have any of you experienced the mole problem in Acadiana and if, how did you get rid of these little rodents? I am tempted to use leftover fireworks to chase them out of my yard, yet I don't want to scare my neighbors with an impromptu firework display. I have even thought about calling "Billy The Exterminator" for his expertise. Could someone please help me here!?!?! What can I do to preserve my lawn and rid it of the mole?!?!?

I don't think I want to resort to the following method in this video...Not yet at least!!