Today I was fortunate to speak before Mrs. Amy Broussard's broadcasting class at Breaux Bridge High School. I was invited in to discuss the the state of the radio industry and outline what it takes to produce an entertaining radio show.

We started off the discussion by explaining why radio is a wonderful medium to work in. I explained that I wasn't always the outgoing type guy, but as soon as I put a microphone in my hand...something would trigger. Broadcasting wasn't my first choice in a career, yet one day I decided that I wanted to do something that was fun and different everyday. I encouraged the students to consider a career in broadcasting because the opportunities are endless.

I told the students that everyday you are on the air, you will somehow someway change a person's life. I told the class many stories from my young broadcasting career, but the one that seemed to strike home the most was the story of how Hot 107-9 delivered roses to women last year for Valentine's Day. I think by telling that story to the students, they saw first hand how effective radio can really be in one's life.

I want to thank Mrs. Broussard and her class for inviting me into their class, and thank them for allowing me to discuss what I love to do most---radio!!! Thanks, and we look forward to returning to Breaux Bridge High School in the near future. One more thing, thanks for the beautiful sign they presented to me. We will certainly show it off at Townsquare Media Lafayette!!!