Its hard to believe that "Cinco De Mayo" marks my one-year anniversary here at HOT 107-9. It was on "Cinco De Mayo" that the Hot Crew and the staff at Townsquare Media welcomed me into the family. And yes, it truly is a family here. In this one-year, so much has happened and so many opportunities have come for me personally and professionally.Having lived in Acadiana for my entire life, this place truly is home for me. When the opportunity came for me to pack-up and leave the area, something kept me here. Yes, I had opportunities to do radio else where, yet something said stay where you are. And at the time, I truly had no idea why I was going to stay here in Acadiana. Yet, I trusted my intuition and did just that, I stayed here not knowing why. Soon, my phone would ring one night and an opportunity came. An opportunity to not only stay put, but to get back into doing what I love to do, radio. After sitting out a contract for 365 Days, on the 366th day I was On-Air with Hot 107-9!! At one point in my career, "Hot" was considered to be my "competition," even though I had friends already working on "Hot." But when the opportunity came, I knew where the station was heading, and I liked their leadership and drive to be the best. It was truly a no-brainer for me. I was ready to join forces, yet I wasn't sure how things would go down with the new guy coming into the building. See, in radio competition is stiff, and at one point I was the "competition." I guess it was kind of like the swapping teams in athletic competition.

On the morning of 5-5-10, I walked into Townsquare Media and there was a huge sign in the lobby that read, "Welcome Chris Reed to Hot 107-9!!" From that point I knew I was in good hands. Everyone, and I mean everyone, welcomed me and applauded me for my past efforts in radio. It actually felt good to not only be welcomed so graciously, but to be recognized by so many professionals in this industry. I can't lie, it was because of people/friends like Chris Logan and Digital why I am here. They trusted in me and believed in me and then welcomed me to the team.  I was welcomed when times were rough. Not having a job and a baby on the way can be a little nerve-racking, yet the fine folks at Townsquare Media assured me that things were about to get better.

Looking back on this past year, I have so many memories engraved into my brain. Yes, the concerts, games, events and more. Yet, my visit to St Jude Children's Research Hospital stands out amongst the rest. Chris Logan and I attended the "Radio Cares" conference, and it was truly amazing. I have always asked the good Lord to put me in a place where I can make a difference and help kids. It was a syndicated morning show personality that inspired me to become who I am today. I wanted to get into radio and do as he does, help kids. Well, now I am!!! The visit to St Jude reassured me even more than ever that I am where I am for a reason.

I think this goes without saying, but I have made so many new friends this past year. I have got to know people on other stations and have even gotten to know our custodian for all seven radio stations, "Big D." He is now a fixture on my show, and truly a great guy. He is so involved in the community, and it never fails...this guy is ALWAYS in a GREAT mood when he comes to work. Its people like "Big D" who define this station and workplace. I often tell family and friends, I feel truly blessed to work for such great caring people.

In addition to meeting so many people while here at Hot 107-9, I have become so involved in our community. It has always been my passion to be involved in the community. And honestly, every radio station should strive to mimic what we do here. I have never been more involved in Lafayette/Acadiana as I have been in the past 365 days. Its great to be out there at High Schools, The UL-Lafayette Campus, Parades, and at other community functions.  I actually get excited when I'm assigned to events where our listeners are.

Lastly, working here is FUN!! Too often we are put into positions that simply are not fun. I have yet to ever say, "I don't feel like doing this today." The workplace here, at Townsquare Media, is fun, exciting, and moving. There is something about everyone here that makes us "different." We are all driven to be the best, and its not for us. Everyone I work for or with, sales and airstaff, are driven to better our clients and listeners. We do what we do because we care and Hot 107-9 has given me a whole new perspective on this business. I have visited stations else where, and other stations don't have what we have here. The past 365 days have been a lot of fun, and I just want to thank the staff at Townsquare Media and the listeners of Hot 107-9 for welcoming me and the family. I feel truly blessed.

Oh by the way, our new addition, Baby Mason, would also like to thank you all for the past 365 Days.