Its that time of the week again when I dig deep into the many CD cases I have stashed away in the closets and choose a "CD Of The Week." This week, as I return my previous "CD Pick Of The Week," I chose to pick up some tunes from the 90s. I purchased this particular CD years ago as I was adding to my 90s music collection.In previous weeks, I have jammed more of the "booty" style music in my CD player, but this week I felt it was time for a change. The CD titled Living In the 90s is a SMASH for anyone who loves 90s music. The CD is loaded with 17 great tracks including tracks form artists like: MC Hammer, House Of Pain, EMF,  Vanilla Ice, Mr. Big., R.Kelly,The Divinyls, and more.

When the radio isn't locked onto Hot 107-9 this week in vehicle, I will blast music from the 90s. While I still do like music from the 80s, as time goes on that style music seems to be more and more dated. And by dated I mean, the production of music from "back in the day" doesn't compare to what I am accustom to today. If you listen carefully, music from the 90s was way ahead of its time in regards to sound and production.

With all of that said, its time for me to reminiscence and enjoy so really fun music from the 90s.