This week, I did not have to dig too far back to select my "CD Pick Of The Week." As I have done in previous weeks, I often resort to digging through the archvies, yet this week I have selected some brand new tracks to jam to when the radio is off in my vehicle. This week I am listening to the entire LMFAO album titled Sorry For Party Rockin.As a huge fan of dance music and party rock music, this album was made for peeps like me. If you love high energy music and music that will get you moving, introduce yourself to LMAFO's first album. While the CD is jam packed with party rock music like, Party Rock Anthem, there is so much more the group has to offer on the disc. Not often will I listen to the ENRTIRE album of an artist or group, but this one I have. All fourteen tracks on the disc are HOT and will have jumping from start to finisf. Its one of the discs I refer to has a "workout disc" or "pre-game disc." This album will totally get  you in the mood to hit the gym, or hit the town on a Saturday night.

For me personally, I knew just how busy and demanding this week will be so I planned accordingly. I knew that if I didn't have the radio set to 'HOT' that I'd need something to keep me going. Hence, LMFAO is my pick of the week. This album is much like caffeine, just without the shakes or jitters. Check it out, and to learn more about LMFAO simply click HERE.