As I do every week, I dig deep into the many CD cases of mine and randomly select a CD to listen to when the radio is not cranked to Hot 1079!!! This week I chose the soundtrack to the 1995 movie Dangerous Minds.I recall specifically getting this CD at a music store in Eunice prior to a high school I was scheduled to DJ at.While I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, it was the soundtrack to it that really caught my attention. There is a song on the disc titled "Put Your Back Into It" by Tre Black and it was a huge hit at dances and clubs in the mid to late 90s. Not only did I want the disc for that song, but one of my all-time favorites by Coolio, "Gangstas Paradise" is on the disc too. I need not explain how big of a hit that was and still is at dances and in clubs today.

"Back In The Day" we, DJs, often bought discs for just one or two songs on it. There was no downloading the one or two tracks you needed for a gig, we often had to purchase the entire album for just a select few tracks. This CD was no different for me at the time. With time, I quickly became a fan of the entire soundtrack, yet at the time of purchase I was only getting it for the two songs I mentioned earlier. So with that said, the disc is in my CD player and with temperatures as high as they are this week, I think I will wait for a later date to put the windows down and jam my CD of the week. Still, the soundtrack to Dangerous Minds will be cranked up loud for the next few days in my vehicle.