This week I am back at it when it comes to digging through my CD cases and finding something to jam to. Again this week, I chose to throw some old-school "booty" music back into the CD Player of vehicle. Sure, I often listen to the radio, but at times I just so happen to his the CD Button on the radio. I think with summer time here, I have been in more of an old-school booty mood. Last week I had the Dangerous Minds soundtrack cranked-up, and now this week it the Sir Mix-A-Lot CD titled Chief Boot Knocka turned-up when the radio isn't on in my vehicle. Like many of you, the one track on this CD everyone loves is "Ride." If I recall, the first time I heard that song was at Cowboys on a Wednesday night. Hell, I think Chris Logan may have actually been the DJ that night. But anyway, this one particular song has been around for quite some time and I have still use it for private parties and club gigs. Still to this day, most DJs will  get a request for "Ride" if they are doing an old-school "booty" set. Oh, while I am on "booty music," booty music is music that is fast!! DJs refer to "booty music" as music that is at 125 BPMs or more (Beats Per Minute). Too often DJs get requests for "booty music" and once the DJ full-fills the request, some are let down. For example, Lil Wayne is NOT "booty music."

Back to the CD of choice here, there are several other tracks on this disc that allows for you to think back. There is "Put Em On The Glass," "Chief Boot Knocka," "Let It Beaounce," and even "Monsta' Mack."  Whatever the case may be, this CD will always put you in the right mood to have fun, go out, or simply get you out of the bad mood you may be in. I think I'll turn this CD up all week and not allow anything or anyone to put me in a bad mood.