The NFL has fined Pittsburgh Steeler Head Coach Mike Tomlin $100,000 for standing too close to the field during a recent game, and forcing an opposing player to veer back towards the center of the field during a kickoff return.

As Jacoby Jones, of the Baltimore Ravens, was running free from opposing Steeler players along on the Steelers sideline, Coach Tomlin is seen standing too close to the field forcing Jones to veer back towards the center of the field. Jones, who may have not scored on the play anyway, was tackled as he had to veer to miss hitting Tomlin.

The NFL felt that the coach interfered with the play and smacked him with the $100,000 fine. The league is also considering taking future draft picks away from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Coach Tomlin insists that he had no intention in interfering with the play, and says that he was not aware of his proximity to the field as he was watching the play unfold on the big screens in the stadium.

This is the second-largest fine the NFL has imposed on a coach. Back in 2007, the league fined New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick with a $500,000 fine for allegedly spying on other team's practices.

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