You have to love technology. Coke is now testing a vending machine in Spain that will change it's prices according to the temperature outside.

Yes, as the temperature varies outdoors, so too will the prices in the coke vending machine. Now, you are probably guessing that as the temperature soars, so too will the prices for drinks in the machine. Well, not so fast.

The machine actually DROPS the price in half when it's over 86 degrees out!! Yes, as it begins to warm up outdoors, the price for soda and other drinks actually DROPS!!!

According to Consumerist, at temperatures below 84 degrees, the price was $2.40. When the temp. increases to 84-85 degrees, the price of the product dropped to $1.70. If it broke the 86-degree threshold, the machines only charged $1.20.

To date, there is no word if these type machines will debut in the United States. I must say, if they do, I hope that Louisiana is a test market in the months of June, July, and August.