Comedian Nathan Fielder went to Twitter yesterday and came up with the idea for his followers to scare the pants off of their parents. He simply requested that they, his Twitter followers, "accidentally" text their parents and act as if they were looking to buy drugs.

As you may expect, many of the parents who fell for this prank did not take the text well when they read that the message sent to them requesting "4 grams." Kids were acting as if they meant to text a drug dealer, but in actuality they were setting up their own parents for this prank.

Parents, beware of this prank because it is fairly new, and like anything else on social media, this prank has the possibility of growing legs in the days ahead.

Here are some examples of text messages kids were sending to their parents. I ask, how would YOU react to such a message if you child sent you a text as such, and more so, what would you do to them after you were notified of the prank?


For more examples of this prank click HERE