No matter what the haters who grew up with hip-hop in the 80s and 90s say, rappers of the 2000s held their own and took things to new levels. With the popularity of the internet, the mixtape game was redefined, allowing rappers who would otherwise never be heard (which isn't always a bad thing) to get their music out to the masses.

Another thing that happened in the 2000s is that through endorsements and other marketing, rappers proved that they could have profitable careers that lasted longer than a few years. Perhaps the biggest "move" in hip-hop was the the power shift of Southern rappers dominating an industry created and, for the most part, ruled by New York and the surrounding East Coast.

Check out Complex Mag's list of The 10 Best Rappers of The 2000s

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9. Nas

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6. T.I. 

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 4. 50 Cent

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2. Eminem

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1. JAY Z

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