State Police say that at 11:45 am they conducted a coordinated explosion on I-10 as they continue the cleanup process following a Wednesday morning accident involving a tanker carrying butane. The explosion successfully  burned off the isobutane leaking from the truck.

Both I-10 East and West bound lanes closed near the I-10 & 1-12 junction Wednesday morning after an 18-wheeler rear ended a tanker carrying butane. The tanker started to leak butane on the interstate prompting State Police to close the interstate for over 24-hours.


On Wednesday evening officials on-site determined that they needed to perform a "vent and burn" procedure to help in the clean-up process.

Firefighters were on the scene of the controlled explosion and reports out indicate that firefighters were able to get the flames under control by 1:30am. There were no injuries reported.

State police told WAFB, "We moved people from homes and public safety was the number one priority."



Source: WAFB-TV