Wouldn't you say that this is taking PDA to another level?  Officer Dion Anthony was caught red-handed getting busy in the back seat of his car, but forgot to turn off the vehicle microphone.  That being said, around 30 of his co-workers heard first hand on what was going on. I know every so often people like to see how far they can push it at their jobs, but if your going to pull this one........try using the back seat of your OWN car.  Granted this should never occur at a job, especially if it portrays a position of authority.

According to Sergeant Karen Rudolph on My Fox Memphis every one of their squad cars has two microphones for communication.

Rather than picking up the phone, we use what's given to us with our consoles and microphones. A lot of times it's our life lines,"

Ohh this was definitely a life line, one for 30 of his fellow officers!!!!  Now, not only do his co-workers know his backseat secret, but Sgt. Rudolph revealed that all conversations over the microphone are recorded,

Anytime you communicate via a handheld or console microphone you want to remain professional. Our job is to make sure all officers follow procedures. In this instance it's possible he didn't follow proper procedure,"

Hmmmmm, they better hope that tape doesn't end up on YouTube because that would be SUPER BAD!!!