The word within the world of technology is that an October release for Apple's eagerly awaited iPhone handset is now almost certain, after continued silence from the company about when the handset will appear.Rumors are rampant now that an email has been sent to American Best Buy employees regarding an upcoming Apple launch.In the "supposed e-mail," it requests that a manager be present at 6am on October 21 to install a 'large Apple fixture' on the big screens in the American electronics store. The Best Buy employee also revealed that an event was scheduled for October 10 for managers to discuss upcoming 'big releases' - which would fit with an iPhone 5 launch a fortnight later. An Apple spokesperson said, 'We are not commenting on rumors or speculation.'

Several photos have also surface of parts being manufactured in shops which indicate that the new headset is ready for distribution. The photos, according to sources, prove that apple is set and ready to launch their new phone in retaliation of Android rivals such as Samsung's Galaxy S II, which is considerably faster than the current iPhone 4.

In any event, apple knows what they are doing in regards to hype and marketing. I think we could all agree, anytime apple has a new product about to launch, the ground starts shaking and the skies being to turn different colors. And yes, they often make me fell the need like I NEED their latest product.