I usually don't wish evil on anyone, but if all the worst luck in the world came to the 27-year-old Florida woman who berated Dunkin' Donuts employees and videotaped the whole thing, I wouldn't lose a wink of sleep. Taylor Chapman treated two Dunkin' Donuts employees like utter garbage after she claims that she failed to receive a receipt from a prior purchase.

In the video seen below, Chapman claims that a store policy at the Broward County Dunkin' Donuts guaranteed her free food as a result of her not being provided a receipt for a previous purchase. Rules are rules, but Chapman went on for over eight minutes treating the employees like dogs, cursing them, using slurs and even involving innocent customers who clearly wanted no part of her arrogant drama.

She records the entire episode, at one point citing that she had a "business degree" and repeatedly expressing her intention of uploading all the footage she was recording to Facebook. What makes this video so disgusting, is that the workers were VERY accommodating, despite her insulting demeanor and her borderline bullying.

Personally, I think she was on some type of drug, because her behavior was ridiculous to a point that I'm not certain any sober person could possibly reach no matter how heartless they may be. And while I'm on my soapbox, I understand that social media allows things to go viral, but did this woman really think that anyone would stop consuming delicious Dunkin' Donuts products because they forgot to give her a receipt?

Based on her behavior, if this woman has any "friends," they probably secretly hate her anyway. She makes a comment saying she is also going to upload her video to YouTube where she hope it would "get a million f------ hits."

She should have been careful what she wished for, because after this goes viral, she'll wish only a million people saw how much of a witch with a capital "b" she was to these poor workers.

Mark my words, by the time the buzz on this video goes down, she will regret she ever made the decision to walk back into that Dunkin' Donuts and press 'record.' It's ironic that for as much as she mentioned Facebook as the tool she would use to drag their name through the dirt, she has already deleted her Facebook page and cannot be reached for comment.

Heads up, the video is VERY NSFW and full of hateful stupid language from the worst person in the world; and you'll probably be pissed off just by watching it.

You've been warned.

Do you think the woman was out of line? Or was she justified in her behavior? 

Oh, and as for the guy who had to deal with her BS? He's the one who deserves the attention. His name is Abid Adar, and he's an 18-year-old who just graduated from high school. He makes about $8 an hour serving folks at the Fort Lauderdale Dunkin' Donuts. He remained polite the entire time, even as Chapman hurled insults at him and his co-worker who, ironically, was the girl who was slow to give her a receipt the day before.

Adar, who wants to be a doctor and will begin attending FAU in the fall, said he didn't even see the video and was made aware of it when a friend of Chapman's called Dunkin' Donuts to apologize for her behavior.

This kid needs to be on Ellen.

UPDATE: According to her description under the video, Chapman claims that she will become famous for her hateful rant.

**UPDATE** I've been Contacted by the Booker of NBC's TODAY SHOW!**
I've never had such RUDE service in my life. I know this place. It was one of the best Dunkin Donuts in the area. But one person ruined it for the whole franchise. And yes, I got it all on Surveillance Video. Enjoy Youtube~ Taylor

If indeed she has been booked by any network, I hope they tear her apart on live television.