The man partly responsible for creating the ultra-popular footwear that you either love or hate, was arrested for DUI this weekend. Police in Boulder, CO responded to a call about a man passed out in front of his Porsche this past Saturday night. Upon their arrival, they discovered that man was Crocs co-founder George Boedecker.

Police say when they showed up on the scene, medics described Boedecker as "drunk as crap," and from that point things just got weird.

According to the police report, obtained by, George Boedecker initially told police he had pulled over to take a nap. Later, he insisted to police that his girlfriend was driving the car, and described her as "bat(crap) crazy!"

When police started asking Boedecker more questions about this mysterious "girlfriend," as well as her current whereabouts, George told police that she was a "really f(reaking) famous singer" ... and then asked police if they were familiar with Taylor Swift, lol.

He continued his erratic profanity laced tirade, reportedly telling police that he had "17 f(reaking) homes," and that "he knew his f(reaking) rights." He even told one officer to "go (blank) yourselves in the (blank)," and another that he was now his "enemy for life" and hoped that he would "freaking die."

The best part about all this, is that Boedecker was wearing flip-flops, not Crocs, at the time of his arrest.