With a crying baby in the house, parents will often resort to extreme measures to calm their little one. I have heard of turning on the washer machine, takeout the vacuum cleaner, and/or turn up the television or radio. See what one parent has resorted to in an effort to calm down their baby. Yes, its the same Notorious B.I.G aka "Biggie" you and I love too.In this video, we'll label these parents as the "cool parents, find a unique way to silence their crying baby. They  simply just turn up a little "Biggie" and it does the trick. Now for some parents I know you are saying, "I wish it were that east." Well, maybe it really is. I totally recall my sister having to turn up dance music for my niece to calm down. I guess hanging around me long enough has rubber off on her, but anyway, see for yourself how cute this video truly is. Cool Kid too!!!!