As I was scrolling through all the random updates in my Facebook Newsfeed tonight, it was business as usual. Monday Night Football, election propaganda, babies, and photos of what people were eating for dinner. Then, I came across an update that caught my eye - "Why is Cupid on 'The Voice' right now?" Then, another - "Cupid, what the hell are you doing on 'The Voice?'" Soon, every other update was about Cupid on 'The Voice' - and then it hit me.

A few weeks back, while chatting with Cupid about a new single he was preparing to release called "Old School", he told me something big would be happening soon, and it was going to be crazy - but he couldn't tell me. Well, this was definitely that "big," "crazy" thing. This dude was on 'The Voice.' But, why?

I decided to hop on the phone, and get answers directly from the source. Listen to Cupid explain his blind audition antics on NBC's 'The Voice.'