Do you want to be buried in your own custom casket? How about a casket themed with your favorite sports team, or maybe surrounded in pictures of your favorite city? You can now at 'Till We Meet Again' in Esplanade Mall in Kenner, LA. Owner Jonathan Lahatte says "What we offer here is a way to customize or celebrate someones life." The options are endless. According to Fox 8 News in New Orleans: Lahatte says you can customize your casket in everything from New Orleans Saints 'WHO DAT' to licensed LSU. Whatever you want, they can make it happen, and yes, they can even wrap it in your favorite city from Lafayette to New Orleans. Not only does he sell custom caskets he also sells everything from custom urns to cremation jewelry. All custom made.

Before he decided to own a custom casket store, Johnathan was a New Orleans Sheriff's Deputy for 10 years.

If you want a custom casket, the store's grand opening in the Esplanade mall will be on Saturday.

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