This US soldier returned from Afghanistan just in time for his little girl Gabby's birthday. Well, this is one way to surprise your little girl for her third birthday. The soldier was wrapped up like a birthday present, and made his little girl's day.

I love how little Gabby takes her time not knowing that her dad is in the box. She goes on saying "it doesn't work, it doesn't work," while she tries to unwrap this huge box.

All the while you're thinking that her dad is going to suffocate if she doesn't open this present quick enough!

I didn't see how he got into the box, but I can only assume he put the box over his head, and waited for her to come to the front door.


Once the little Gabby finally unwrapped the present she was overwhelmed with joy. It will probably bring you to tears or at least make you smile with joy for this family.

Welcome Home!