A dad is shown using a vacuum to give his daughter a perfect ponytail in a matter of seconds. My first thought was: "How am I just seeing this being done this way for the first time in my life?" Then I hopped on YouTube; did a search - and realized that this method is really only a few weeks old in terms of it's viral age.

What's awesome is that this video has actually been helpful for other dads, as many have posted their own videos of this neat and easy ponytail vacuum trick. Look, this isn't the first time we as lazy humans have put a vacuum to our human heads for practical use (Flowbee anyone?), but lets be honest - don't you agree that this vacuum-to-head method will lead to far less ridicule amongst the peers of anyone who uses it?

Dads rejoice. Your perfect ponytail is here! Now, to sit back and wait for the informercial. :)