Watch what happens when a couples of dads collide after a little league all-star game. Yes, several "grown men" got into an altercation after a little league all-star game in Columbus, Ga and it was all caught on camera.The reasons for the two scuffles that were caught on camera: The first scuffle was over the volume of the music one dad was playing, and the second was for some remarks about the players. While both men were arrested for disorderly conduct and no injuries were reported, you can't help but be concerned for the KIDS who had to witness this type of behavior.

While kids are simply just enjoying being kids and playing baseball, some of these shallow minded parents are acting like kids themselves. Its rather disturbing to watch something like this all unfold before the eyes of innocent kids. These parents should REALLY be ashamed of themselves for acting like this at a little league ballpark. Role models?!?!?