The Dallas Cowboys may have been America's Team in the 90's, but their latest hashtag fail is a perfect example of why they've been called "the funniest team in the league" as of late.

Full disclosure: I'm a Saints fan, and I give our morning show guy Chris Reed a hard time because he is a die-hard Cowboys fan, but even HE would agree that whoever came up with their latest hashtag campaign didn't think things through.

The 6-3 Cowboys are headed across the pond to take on Jacksonville in London, and apparently someone in their social media department thought it would be a great idea to use the hashtag #CowboysUK for the team and its fans to celebrate the trip.


Cowboys + UK—seems easy enough, right?

Almost immediately, Cowboy haters and indifferent social media user made it a point to emphasize the last three letters of the hashtag to ridicule the Cowboys for what seemed to be a potential misstep.






After a red hot start, the Cowboys have been on a 2 game losing streak—and to make matters worse, starting quarterback Tony Romo went down with a nasty back injury a few weeks ago that has sidelined him just as his team was picking up steam.

Even without Romo in the driver's seat, if the Cowboys can't handle the 1-8 Jacksonville Jaguars look for your timeline to be flooded with slander surrounding this very unfortunate hashtag.

Speaking of Jacksonville, they were far more clever when it came to choosing their London hashtag.