We've heard St. Jude stories from many different perspectives today, but few will hit home as hard as Danielle LeCompte's. Danielle knows exactly what kind of impact St. Jude Children's Research Hospital can have on a young person's life because she is living it right now.

Digital: Danielle, can you tell us your St. Jude story?

Danielle LeCompte: I was diagnosed with cancer when I was eight years old. I have a brain tumor. It's inoperable.

Digital: How old are you now?

Danielle LeCompte: I'm 11.

Digital: So at eight years old all this is happening, what next?

Danielle LeCompte: I did treatment and now I'm doing great.

Digital: Do you remember being eight years old and going to St. Jude?

Danielle LeCompte: Yes sir.

Digital: Was it scary?

Danielle LeCompte: It was scary. I didn't remember what was going on.

Digital (to Danielle's mom Jackie): Mom was it scary?

Jackie LeCompte: It was very scary, but when we walked through the doors they were there for us. They showed us where to go and what to do. The nurses and staff made us feel so comfortable. Everyday there were there with a schedule for us so we knew what to expect, but yes it was very scary.

Digital: I don't like getting into peoples personal business or discussing finances, but I have to ask you, how much out of your pocket?

Jackie LeCompte: We still go back every three months to check up. It's stable and it's contained. Danielle's tumor is inside of her brain stem, and it's about two and a half inches, so it is a large tumor in a small location. But she looks great and has no side effects.

We go back every three months and it doesn't cost us anything. They bill our insurance because we are lucky and have insurance. Everything else is given to us when we get there. Our room and board, meal cards for meals, everything.

Digital: You hear all the time about people selling everything to pay for medical bills.

Jackie LeCompte: That's right and you do what you have to do because her health is important, but over there they don't even ask. They greet us by name, everybody knows everybody, her pictures are still on the walls. St. Jude has become our family.

Digital: Danielle, will St. Jude be special to you forever?

Danielle: Yes, it will be special for the rest of my life.


We need more stories like Danielle's. More survivors. Danielle's continued health has been made possible by the people at St. Jude and the support and generosity of people like you. Danielle is still going back for checkups and is relying on continued support from the donations. Please call our toll free number 1-800-364-9665 and become a Partner In Hope for just $20 a month. Cause you may be able to live without $20 extra dollars a month, but people like Danielle wont. For more information on Hot 107.9's 4th annual St. Jude Radiothon please click here.