According to multiple reports including ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Saints have traded Darren Sproles to the Philadelphia Eagles for a draft pick.

While it's tough to see fan favorite's get released and traded away during free agency in the offseason, it's the nature of the business that most NFL players understand.

Now their wives on the other hand, that can be a different story and on Wednesday (3/12) a very public Instagram post putting the Saints on blast by Darren Sproles' wife, Michel, was a prime example.


Basically what Michel is saying is that God is going to punish the Saints for this offseason roster move.

There seems to be some truth in her rant about Sproles being informed that he would be released to pursue other opportunities. He even sent out a goodbye note to the Who Dat Nation via Twitter.


Later, tweets from Sproles spelled out that there was definitely a misunderstanding as it appeared he was learning news about his actual fate through the social media site at the same time as we were.



The backlash from Michel Sproles Instagram post reacting to the situation in such a public manner was inevitable, and another Instagram post suggested that her original blast on the Saints was "purposely posted" as "an experiment."


Damage control much?

Both posts have since been deleted, so I guess her social experiment is over. I will point out that her hashtag game is hilariously on point, lol.

In the end, Sproles is headed to Philly (ironically dubbed the City of Brotherly Love) along with former Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins who was also traded this week, where the fans are rated as some of the worst in the world. Let's just hope he doesn't remind us how good he is the next time we play the Eagles.

Best of luck to Sproles and his family, and thanks for your time in Black and Gold.