A 3-year old Charlotte, North Carolina boy, Grayson Clamp, is hearing for the first time since his birth. Watch his reaction when he hears his dad's voice for the very first time.

Grayson Clamp was born without his cochlear nerves, or the auditory nerve that carries the sound signal from the cochlea in the inner ear to the brain. Thus, Grayson received an experimental cochlear implant, a microchip implanted at the base of his brain.

Its quiet clear now that the 3-year-old boy hears something, though they are not quiet sure exactly what he is hearing. However, as seen in this video, Grayson clearly hears some sort of sound when people near him speak.

According to CBS News, Grayson was the first child chosen to use such an implant because he had high cognitive abilities and used cued speech, a visual system based on phonetics used to communicate. That way, doctors could see if he was hearing anything and responding to sound stimuli.

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