The Dean-O's Pizza Burger combines two of the best comfort foods in one, and it's amazing!

I love trying new and different types of food. Im also a big fan of chefs who come up with unique creations by thinking outside of the box. To showcase these amazing eats, I started a YouTube series called #GeauxEat with Speedy, where I explore out-of-the-norm foods around Acadiana.

I stopped by Dean-O's Pizza in Lafayette on Bertrand. (Quick back story..When I moved to Lafayette 3 years ago this was the first place I ever ate at, and I haven't stopped going since. They have some of the best pizza in Lafayette.

The owner of Dean-O's Pizza, TIm Metcalf, was messing around one day and jokingly made a "pizza burger." Well, the joke's on him because when he posted it on Facebook it took off like an air force jet and the buzz was created.

He combined the best of both worlds—his famous pizza and burger. This is actually great for people like me that can never decide what I want to eat.

This sure to be a hit around town, and you should try it soon because it's amazing and may only be around for a limited time.

Where should I Geaux next?

If you know of a restaurant with an interesting menu item that is out of the box hit me up anytime at I'll feature the out of the box dish, sandwich, po' boy whatever.

Till next time, #GeauxEat.