The Texas town of Deweyville is completely underwater.

The town is located on the Texas/Louisiana border.

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The Beaumont Enterprise took a boat ride down Texas Highway 12, it's the main road in and out of Deweyville, but it looks like they're riding through a swamp.

Reality sets in when you see the sign welcoming people into town, then you start seeing rooftops and the cross on top of a church.

It's not looking any better for them anytime soon. The town that is near I-10 at the Texas/Louisiana border is most likely to stay under water throughout the weekend as well as I-10 at the Texas/Louisiana border.

If you would like to see more pics of Deweyville click here. 

We pray that things get better for them soon.

The city of Deweyville, Texas is almost completely under water. Once the waters recede, they will have to start cleaning up and rebuilding. You can help by clicking here.